Pixely: Pixel Art for Everyone for iPad

Pixely is a pixel-level image editing tool for iPad.

Released on Pi Day 2013 and cared for ever since, Pixely is regularly maintained with bug fixes and the occasional new feature.

While very much a side project, we take bugs and suggestions seriously -- please feel free to reach out!


So, Why Pixely?

Created at a time when pixel art editors on iPad were few in number and often supported just a single canvas size, we made Pixely to help us and those who wanted a decent pixel art app bridging the gap between a desktop, menu-based experience and a minimalist gesture-driven iPad app. Basically, this called for an app with a reasonable amount of flexibility, a low learning curve, and enough features to make it useful and pleasant to use.

Pixely has features many other apps don’t (at least not that we found when we needed them), such as reusable palettes, color matching across canvases, color-safe canvas scaling, and an art viewer with tiled, layered, and animated previews.


 OK, Why Not Pixely?


Our goal has always been to provide a pixel art app that can be considered a great default editor.

Pixely is not intended as a replacement for Photoshop by any stretch of the imagination, and it doesn’t have all the features you could possibly ask for, but we’re open to adding some of them -- all you have to do is ask. In fact, that’s how many of today’s features were added including, but not limited to: pattern pastes, symmetric drawing, and custom grid sizes!



We’ll keep working on bug fixes and new features as long as there’s interest.

We use Pixely for our own game art development and sometimes lose sight of how things can be improved since we’ve gotten used to how they work, which doesn’t mean they’re as good as they should be. So, please reach out with any questions or suggestions. We promise to respond quickly and respectfully!


Questions? Comments? Found a bug? Want to see a new feature? Use this form to get in contact with us, or email us directly at help at pixely.app if you’d like.

Twitter works, too!


Privacy Policy

Pixely does not collect and send any personal information, which includes any data related to app usage. We simply listen to your feedback by email, Twitter, etc. and implement what makes sense.

If you link your Dropbox account to Pixely, your privacy, in terms of what Dropbox does with the data you save to your Dropbox account, is at their discretion according to the terms of your end-user agreement with Dropbox.